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When barter adulation a product, they appetite to personalize it, and boy, is that anytime accurate of Tesla’s vehicles. If you’re one of those Tesla owners who aloof has to accord your babyish a absolutely characteristic look, eventually or afterwards you’ll acquisition your way to Mike “Mojo” Mogilewski’s Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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*This commodity comes to us address of EVANNEX (which additionally makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Charles Morris. The opinions bidding in these accessories are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs.

Above: Mike “Mojo” Mogilewski’s claimed Tesla Model S (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Mike’s change into the baron of Tesla customization began six years ago, aback a acquaintance showed up at his boutique with a Model S, one of the aboriginal ones in Florida. “We absitively to blanket it in matte brownish blue, and we threw some custom Vossen auto on,” says Mike. “The Vossen Wheel Company did a video on it to advertise their new wheels, and it went viral. My sticker was on the windshield and on the aback window, and one affair led to another.”

Above: The aboriginal video showcasing Signature’s matte brownish dejected Tesla Model S now has over 300,000 angle on youtube (Youtube: VossenWheels)

Before long, Tesla opened a dealership in adjacent Dania Beach, and appeal from Florida Tesla owners bound snowballed. “It aloof affectionate of grew bigger and bigger, and I got the acceptability of the guy to go to to assignment on Teslas,” says Mike. “I concentrated on aloof Teslas and annihilation else. Appropriate now I am basically at 99.9% Teslas. I acclimated to aloof do vinyl wraps, afresh I got certified as a bowl pro shop. Then, already I got that, I started accomplishing a lot of coatings on cars. A lot of bodies were allurement for acrylic aegis film, so I got certified as an Xpel boutique for window cast and acrylic aegis film.”

Above: A agile of Tesla Model 3 cars accepting formed on central the shop (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Nowadays bodies are sending Mike Teslas from all over the country – he estimates that he has formed on able-bodied over a thousand. Concentrating on one cast makes things simpler. “Teslas are Teslas – there are alone three models, and everybody in my boutique knows the ins and outs of a Model X, a Model S, and a Model 3. We apperceive what we’ve got to do to blanket it or paint-protect it or brightness it afore we bowl covering it. They’re actual simple cars to assignment on. Already you adept a product, bodies assurance you and appear to you for aggregate from window tinting to redoing interiors to crumb blanket and custom calipers.”

Above: A 3M 1080 Glassy Aphotic Grey blanket with chrome annul and TST wheels (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

A big allotment of the amusement of the job comes from affair so abounding Tesla owners – Mojo has begin them to be a actual all-embracing bunch. “I like to apperceive what they do, area they appear from, what got them into Teslas, what they were active afore – why are some bodies giving up their $150,000 Mercedes and affairs a Tesla?”

Above: Avery accommodated dejected chrome blanket with Xpel tint (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Tesla buyers appear from all age groups. “You see the adolescent crowd, who accept been extenuative up, and they aloof appetite an electric car.” Of course, this is Florida, so seniors are additionally able-bodied represented. “I aloof got done wrapping a guy’s car who was 78 years old. He lives in a association over in Naples. It’s amazing to see such a ample ambit of age groups in the Tesla community, and it’s not aloof bodies with money. These bodies are into technology, the future, acceptable stuff, alteration the world, things like that.”

Above: Oracal adorable aperture red blanket with chrome delete, powder coated glassy atramentous auto with wheel bands, red vinyl centermost cap accents, Xpel tint, and Bowl Pro coating (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

“It’s fun to assignment with everybody because it’s such a abundant community. I’ve been allotment of the Porsche community, and the BMW community, but the Tesla association is actual personal, abnormally in the blogs and the forums. The Porsche guys all abrasion their fighter pilot sunglasses, and they’ve got a attending to them. I don’t see a attending to Tesla audience because they’re all over the abode – they appear from technology worlds or they appear from banal worlds or they’re putting actuality into technology that they don’t know. How abundant money did bodies put up for a signature Tesla afterwards alike seeing it? At atomic 25 grand, and it was aloof a account of an electric car. That assault my apperception that bodies would aloof put that money up and be like, ‘Hey, accumulate our fingers beyond that this guy comes up with something.’”

Above: 3M 1080 Psychedelic Flip, chrome delete, Vossen 22″ HF-2 wheels (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

How abundant does it amount to absolutely ambush out a Tesla? “I had a chrome Model S out of Kentucky,” says Mike. “We did custom wheels, calipers, a Rolls Royce LED amateur kit and a 1,200-watt Italian complete system. We concluded up accomplishing a abounding custom bonanza with a carbon cilia anatomy kit. Captivated it in chrome. He apparently alone $25,000, easily.”

Above: Lighted T (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

“Two of my aboriginal Model 3 audience alone $15,000 anniversary on their cars, and that was wheels, calipers, wrap, lowered, chrome delete. On one we did a covering two-tone interior, and one guy did an all-white interior. We captivated the dashes, the console. Bowl coating, window tinting – what abroad did we do? Aloof crazy stuff, but these were two audience that came from Model Ss and Model Xs, and they were aflame that they bought a $56,000 car, and not a $140,000 car, and they were absolutely able to comedy with the car and do whatever they capital to do – it was affectionate of like their additional car that they were able to do all the things you possibly could do to a car.”

Above: Custom Katzkin two-tone autogenous with a 3M 1080 glassy aphotic grey dash and centermost animate blanket with red accents (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Another applicant autonomous for a absolutely chrome exterior. “Everything chrome. If we could’ve chromed his wheels, he would’ve done it.”

Above: Avery accommodated argent chrome and Xpel window tint (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Mike was accustomed aback he was asked to actualize a gay pride Tesla for Pride Fest. “We captivated it in consciousness-expanding bubble banderole colors, and it was showcased in the Miami Pride Fest, and it went about to a agglomeration of added pride fests in Florida.”

Above: 3M IJ180 printed clear wrap (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

A Mojo makeover can accompany new activity to an earlier Tesla. “Changing a signature blush afterwards so abounding years, activity glassy black, accomplishing article altered with the atramentous chrome delete, alteration up the auto a little bit, abacus things actuality and there – that’s the adorableness of what we can do. We can booty a car that bodies accept had for years, and accomplish it attending brand-new. You bear it to them all abundant and cleaned, and they can’t accept it’s still the aforementioned car.”

Above: 3M 1080 Glassy Atramentous with TS117 wheels, Avery Atramentous Chrome accents, Refresh Front Fascia, and carbon cilia parts (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Mojo’s claimed car has been alleged the world’s best clear Tesla (his babe puts it a little abnormally – she created a hashtag for #theObnoxiousTesla). “I’d gotten to that point that I could absolutely allow a Model S, and I didn’t appetite to aloof do a solid blush change. I capital to do article that would angle out, but annihilation too crazy. I’ve already had a brace chrome cars. They’ve been done. So this car is article that isn’t too over the top, but it’s blatant abundant to represent aggregate that we do on one car. You can see the aboriginal paint. It’s got a glassy aphotic gray appearance with a cast blush appearance vinyl, so it’s got appearance paint, a glassy wrap, and a blush cast wrap. The chrome is deleted. It’s lowered. It’s got custom Vossen wheels. The calipers are corrective dejected aloof to appearance a altered affair than red, like anybody does. It’s got absolutely blacked-out window tint, so you can’t see into it, which is absorbing at car shows because we sit in the car and we cine bodies outside. I’ve got a baggage arbor on top which I advised to go with the architecture of the car. I took out my headlights and I fabricated the apartment atramentous instead of silver, which bodies don’t apprehension until they attending at it, and they’re like, ‘What’s amiss with your car?’ I was able to advertise aggregate that we can do, which is fun. The best allotment is that abutting month, I can booty it all off and alpha all over again, and accept a absolutely altered car, and now bodies will anticipate there’s two of them out there.”

Above: Vossen Wheels showcased Mojo’s personal Tesla Model S in a contempo video introducing their 22″ HF-1 auto (Youtube: VossenWheels)

Mike has accelerating from aloof accomplishing the assignment himself to allowance others with their own customization projects. “I started the web site, and I started a Facebook page, because there’s so abounding bodies out there that are allurement questions. They’re accepting actuality from do-it-yourselfers, and there’s annihilation amiss with that, but there’s some times aback you’re aggravating to angle up a Atramentous Vue camera and you’re attractive for that appropriate fuse…fuses change consistently with these cars, so if you’re not on top of that, you can do a lot of damage.”

Above: 3M 1080 Appearance Deep Dejected Brownish blanket with chrome delete, Ceramic Pro, and Glassparency treatment (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

People from all over the apple analysis in with Mike for advice. “We FaceTime bodies all the time about the world. There’s four added Teslas now that attending identical to my Tesla.”

Above: Model S actuality able by Signature’s Jen Mayes for Xpel PPF and Bowl Pro coating (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

Mojo’s two kids are already complex in the business. “I accept an 11-year-old babe called Braeden, and she knows how to bowl pro coat.” Nine-year-old Boston is “a little young, but he’s all about cars. It’s fun to see their approaching and what they’re activity to be driving.”

Above: Abounding abode of Teslas cat-and-mouse for afterlight assignment at Signature (Source: Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings)

A appointment to Mojo’s boutique is absolutely a glimpse of the future. On our latest visit, there were six Model 3s in assorted states of refurbishment. “Just to see this car advance is mind-blowing.”


Written by: Charles Morris

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which additionally sells aftermarket accessory for Teslas, has attentive accustomed us to allotment some of its agreeable with our readers, chargeless of charge. Our acknowledgment go out to EVANNEX. Analysis out the site here.

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