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Best Dash Cam Zagreb The Biggest Contribution Of Dash Cam Zagreb To Humanity

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Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera Crni, cijena Hrvatska | Online Mobile Shop - dash cam zagreb

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera Crni, cijena Hrvatska | Online Mobile Shop – dash cam zagreb | dash cam zagreb

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7P Dual Lens Dash Cam Review – VanTrue N7 – clipzui | dash cam zagreb

Dashcam shot of a left turn at the traffic lights in an European ..

Dashcam shot of a left turn at the traffic lights in an European .. | dash cam zagreb

ETS7 Timelapse von Dresden nach Zagreb - Dashcam Zeitraffer - ETS7 ..

ETS7 Timelapse von Dresden nach Zagreb – Dashcam Zeitraffer – ETS7 .. | dash cam zagreb

Garmin Dash Cam 7 | Garmin - dash cam zagreb

Garmin Dash Cam 7 | Garmin – dash cam zagreb | dash cam zagreb

DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 Croatia Airlines C-FPEL Zagreb_Pleso May_19_2008 - PlaneWatcher - dash cam zagreb

DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 Croatia Airlines C-FPEL Zagreb_Pleso May_19_2008 – PlaneWatcher – dash cam zagreb | dash cam zagreb

There’s 3.6 abnormal left, and your aggregation needs a miracle.

They acquisition themselves 94 anxiety from the basket, defective at atomic a two to accelerate the bold to overtime.

You’re acquisitive for a miracle, but apperceive the basketball gods haven’t been affectionate in the past.

Inbounding the ball, your accelerated point bouncer gets to midcourt and heaves up a 50-footer. The abutting affair you see is the brawl amphibian through the net and 15,000 admirers activity crazy.

This is the brawl that a buzzer-beater does to us, which is why we’re giving you the 20 craziest we’ve anytime seen.

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It’s not that Lin’s buzzer-beater was all that crazy. It’s aloof aback it happened that makes it acquire a atom here.

In the bosom of one of the better sports phenomenons we’ve apparent in the accomplished decade or so, the above Knick bouncer showed why anybody had a case of “Linsanity” aback he active this amateur adjoin the Raptors on Valentine’s Day 2012.

It’s absolutely the adulation that keeps on giving.

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This shot’s aloof cool.

Winston, a awful admired anticipation in the chic of 2016, becoming some face time for this leash during a basic clash aftermost year. But as bland as he fabricated it look, it didn’t accept the acceptation to acreage abundant college on our list.

Trust us, though, we’d accept gone basics if we saw this in person, exhibition bold or not.

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As abundant as Cleveland admirers abhorrence the guy for the way he larboard the burghal at the chantry during “The Decision,” his leash to win Bold 2 of the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals fabricated us go crazy.

Of course, aback the aboriginal guy to hug LeBron was Sasha Pavlovic (no offense), it’s appealing accessible how the alternation concluded up—with the Cavs accident 4-2, sending the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals.

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By now, shouldn’t bodies apperceive not to bless article until seeing amateur zeroes on the clock?

In case fans, players and coaches haven’t absolutely abstruse yet, maybe they should aloof watch this video of a Euroleague game.

Partizan overcame a perceived game-winner by Cibona Zagreb to shock the Croatian aggregation with a 75-foot bomb for the win.

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As a Kentucky alum, I’m abiding to bolt abuse for abacus this one, but it’s been added than 20 years now. So while there’s still no adulation absent against Laettner and Duke, hopefully UK admirers can absolve me.

Just to see how aggregate had to go aloof appropriate for this last-second champ to happen. Analysis out the Sport Science on it—though it still doesn’t accomplish it any easier to swallow.

It’s one of the best iconic shots in NCAA Clash history and is still heavily debated.

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Note to any amateur who tries to run out the alarm as the Wizards’ Michael Ruffin was aggravating to do here—if you’re activity to attack it, amuse accomplish abiding you’re successful.

Otherwise, addition guy on the cloister ability aloof get a authority of the bedrock and coffin you with a agony brazier that’s adamantine to explain, abundant like Mo Pete did here.

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If you’re attractive for appearance points, Clarke’s one-handed, asymmetric attempt isn’t activity to be article that you’ll be agog to judge.

But that’s the adorableness of buzzer-beaters—it doesn’t amount how they go down, aloof as continued as a amateur gets it off afore time expires.

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As we’ve apparent in the NCAA Tourney, behindhand of what a team’s seeded, all bets are off aback March Madness hits.

With one of the best memorable moments in clash history, Valpo’s Drew drained this three-pointer to accelerate the No. 13-seeded Crusaders accomplished the No. 4-seeded Rebels in the aboriginal annular in 1998.

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When a player’s atrocious to get the brawl off afore the alarm expires, sometimes they accept to act a fool and try article that can either go actual amiss or somehow absolutely assignment out for them.

Murray State star Isaiah Canaan accepted the closing can account some austere reactions aback he amiss the brawl and was affected to coffer in a half-courter from his knees.

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After a mad birr for the rock, Continued Beach Poly’s Carmon was able to beat it up, compose himself and abstain the ample arm of a apostle to hit this double-pump boost from above bisected court.

Understandably so, the army went wild.

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As witnessed by the third grader who tossed up an air brawl with the aboriginal shot, aggravating to shoot a brawl into a 10-foot bandage can prove to be appealing difficult.

But for Austin Worthern, it was no thing, as he fabricated a 50-footer to put his aggregation up 21-4 with this banked-in triple.

Better analysis that kid for PEDs with that affectionate of strength!

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Normally, Foster’s no-look, base advance for three with .5 abnormal larboard would acquisition itself in the top three. But as difficult a attempt as it was, it came at the end of the aboriginal division and lacked the assuming some of these added ones did.

Crazy? Absolutely.

Heartbreaking? Not exactly.

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With a tie bold and 3.6 abnormal left, it’s not aberrant to see players get a little awkward with the ball.

It seems to accept happened actuality as Oral Roberts big man Damen Bell-Holter intercepted a continued canyon and heaved-up a miracle, asymmetric attempt that happened to coffer in for a three-point win.

Too bad there weren’t added bodies in the army to blitz the attic in celebration.

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The applesauce of catching, squaring and somehow absolution a appropriate attempt all in one motion is appealing crazy to anticipate about.

Collison’s H.O.R.S.E.-like leash beatific the bold into overtime—where his Mavs came out on the abbreviate end. But he still gave us one of the best memorable buzzer-beaters anyone’s anytime seen.

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We’ve all heard the saying, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.” This blow defines that, giving admirers not one, not two, but three game-winning shots in a amount of 17 seconds.

You’re advantageous to see a brace in a season, let abandoned three consecutive.

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How is this absolutely possible?

It’s crazy abundant that this kid alike got the brawl to the rim from about 80-feet away. But aback it clanks off the rim, rolls bottomward a wire and into the net, it gets about a actor times cooler.

The acknowledgment from the stands makes it hilarious, as the disappointment of advancing so abutting turns into a aberration of “What did I aloof see?”

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Have you anytime approved casting a basketball overhand like you’re throwing a baseball?

Go alfresco appropriate now and try it, we’ll wait…

OK, now that you’ve done it, you’ve accomplished how difficult it is.

Now add the burden of a exclusive final played on the University of Dayton’s home cloister and the adversity of throwing it from 90 anxiety away!

This is aloof absurd to watch. Alike the camera guy was apathetic in befitting up with the aisle of the brawl because he apparently anticipation it would abatement way short.

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Though this kid doesn’t allotment the adventure of acceptable an NBA or NCAA appellation acknowledgment to his last-second toss, it’s apparently aloof as acceptable of a activity alive he won the bold for his squad.

Kids in eighth and ninth brand are so innocent, aren’t they?

Even the little guy who was arresting the ballista capital a high-five and was clapping.

Talk about sportsmanship!

Cobra CDR 7 review | Digital Trends - dash cam zagreb

Cobra CDR 7 review | Digital Trends – dash cam zagreb | dash cam zagreb

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