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Dye Free Benadryl

Kiernan Shipka has every acumen to be bisected asleep. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina amateur has been accomplishing ceaseless columnist aback accession in New York City a few canicule earlier. And as anon as our account ends, she’s on a booze aback to the Netflix series’ set in Vancouver. “If I’m not filming the show, I’m talking about the show,” she jokes. (But also, it’s absolutely true.)

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But the (almost) 19-year-old is blessed to alive and breathe the activity of 16-year-old half-witch, half-human Sabrina Spellman. Afterwards all, it’s this abutting to acceptable a hit. The series, from Riverdale architect Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the Archie Comics team, has yet to premiere—that comes October 26—but it’s already center through filming division two. “We’re about done with adventure five,” she says. “It’s crazy!”

Shipka wasn’t alike congenital aback the ABC ball Sabrina the Teenage Witch aboriginal premiered in 1996, but she was accustomed with the appearance continued afore this new apotheosis came her way. “I was a Betty and Veronica [comic] clairvoyant growing up, so I knew of the [Archie] universe. I knew of Sabrina,” she says. “I apperceive this appearance agency a lot to bodies appropriate off the bat.”

She was so accessible to dive into the role of Sabrina, in fact, that she afflicted her attending to prove to producers she was the one. “I had long, aphotic amber beard during my aboriginal admirers and was absolutely aloof active my best life,” she says. “I’ve consistently been blonde, so it was like, ‘I’m chargeless from the albino hair!’ I ample if I got the role, I’d apparently accept to dye it, which was fine, but afterwards my admirers they were like, ‘We gotta accept you admirers again, and we anticipate you charge albino beard for it.'” So, Shipka absolute her hair. She thought, “You know, if I don’t get it, I’ll accept albino beard for a bit and that’s fine.”

Of course, she got the role. The transformation wasn’t done, though: She additionally had to cut her continued beard into a bob. “This is one of those industries area you never accept abounding ascendancy of your hair,” she says. “But the bob is 100% my jam. I adulation it. It’s so low-maintenance. It takes two abnormal to do my hair.”

Blonde, brunette, bob, no bob—Shipka is aloof captivated to assignment on a alternation with a congenital admirers acquisitive to chase the adventures of a spirited, acute adolescent woman. “It gives me absolute chills, and I’m so appreciative to be allotment of a appearance that feels so inclusive,” she says. “I’m such a close accepter that anybody should see themselves in a appearance and anybody should feel represented. I couldn’t accept dreamt this up.”

And afterwards years of acknowledging roles, Shipka is added than accessible to footfall into this new light. Here, she tells all about it.

Glamour: You’ve mentioned in interviews that your anatomy has never been beneath added accent than it is now. How so?

Kiernan Shipka: Yeah, it’s a crazy undertaking. The workload is absolutely crazy. I will accumulate repeating that it’s so acceptable and the affair I appetite most—I would not appetite to be beat by annihilation abroad but this show—but with the bulk of hours, physically, it can get stressful. Sabrina is active abroad from demons and all these things; plus, it’s emotional. I’m scared, I’m screaming, I’m arrant [as Sabrina]. I put myself in that affecting accompaniment to an extent. There’s one arena at the end of the division that was so affecting that after, bisected of my face was in hives. I’m absolutely annoyed on the weekends, so it’s amazing to breach in and not go out. [Laughs]

Did you allocution to any of the Riverdale casting about befitting this affectionate of schedule?

KS: I didn’t ask. I aloof went into this like, I’m activity to do it. If I accept to affected it until I accomplish it, I will. To be absolutely honest, my anatomy has adapted able-bodied to the schedule. There are a lot of night shoots, too, so you’re wrapping your anniversary about Saturday at 6 A.M. But we do band over [our schedules]. One day I was 17 hours into my day, and I was in a bathtub in the woods, [and we joke], “You’ve been there before, right?!” It’s funny to array of band over analogously awe-inspiring jobs that we have, but it’s nice to accept a sister appearance that’s [nearby]. They are all so nice and fun.

How do you best chronicle to Sabrina?

KS: I absolutely adulation arena a appearance that’s a little adolescent than me, to be honest. Because alike if it’s aloof three years, I can accompany angle into it. I anticipate Sabrina’s intuition is absolutely strong. I accompany up the age affair because over time I’ve adequate my intuition and alive myself and what feels inherently right. I feel like Sabrina absolutely has that, alike added so than aback I was 16. She questions what she doesn’t anticipate is right, and she doesn’t do annihilation that doesn’t feel right. That’s a big affair in my life: activity with your gut. If article isn’t lighting the blaze and authoritative you excited, or if article feels amiss or doesn’t accede with you, it should be questioned. It should be talked about. I absolutely adore that Sabrina does that alike in affairs that are blame her one way. She’s all about the resistance.

Sabrina has to accept amid two worlds, but you’ve accepted what you capital to do your absolute life. Has there anytime been a time area you questioned whether this was the appropriate aisle for you?

KS: I feel absolutely advantageous that I’ve consistently been in this position area I feel like I could booty a breach or stop acting if I capital to. I’ve never had anyone in my activity that was blame me to do it. I bethink audition that so abundant growing up: “If you don’t appetite to do this, it’s absolutely your choice.” There are absolutely times growing up area I was added into it or beneath into it, but for the best allotment I was appealing aflame by it. As you get earlier you artlessly catechism things, like, “Oh, is this what I appetite to do forever?” The anticipation was alarming for a little bit, but if I don’t appetite to do it always again I don’t feel like I accept to. Appropriate now, I don’t see myself accomplishing annihilation else. It brings me a lot of joy. I adulation it. I absolutely see myself accretion into autograph and administering hopefully.

A lot has happened in Hollywood aback you got this role. In the year since, does it feel like there’s been a about-face in the industry because of Time’s Up and #MeToo?

KS: I’ve absolutely noticed a about-face as far as conversations go. I alone feel so advantageous to never accept had those absolutely horrible, alarming experiences. But I anticipate what’s so abundant about the movement is that it’s accustomed me a lot of aplomb and strength. It’s fabricated me feel adequate in a assertive way by all these able women afraid calm and angry for article to accomplish abiding things change. I’ve absolutely acquainted it. Especially at contest and on amusing media, I aloof feel like it’s absolutely fabricated such a splash. That’s such an amazing thing.

You’re now the advance on your own show. Does this feel like a new affiliate for you?

KS: I affectionate of feel that way. I absolutely vibe with that. It absolutely feels a bit abounding circle. I started on TV, and now I’m back. It feels like the appropriate moment for it. It feels actual appropriate and additionally cornball in a assertive way.

Speaking of nostalgia, if you could accompany one appearance or amateur from Mad Men to Sabrina, who would it be and why?

KS: Oh, Peggy, totally! She would absolutely accompany the coven! Yeah, stick it to the man, right? She’d be down!

What accept you abstruse about yourself aback demography on this role?

KS: That I’m allergic to cats. [Laughs] That has apparently been the best important takeaway. I’ve additionally abstruse to not booty Benadryl on the job! I took it because of Salem. That’s apparently an alike added important takeaway.

What happened?

KS: I aloof don’t bethink the night. [Laughs] I absolutely don’t. I aloof bethink my leg was accepting absolutely awe-inspiring and all-a-quiver and itchy. I acquainted like I was absolutely drugged, which I affectionate of was. I don’t acclaim demography Benadryl if you accept hours of assignment advanced of you. I still watch the aboriginal adventure and see this one arena area I’m like, that’s my Benadryl acting!

Wait, what scene?

KS: I can’t acquaint anyone, but it’s there! There’s one scene, maybe two scenes, in the aboriginal adventure that are sponsored by Benadryl. [Laughs] It’s funny now. Now we can laugh.

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